A strategic real estate investor even back when most of her friends were scrambling to pay first and last month’s rent, Dale understood the meaning of “leverage” long before the precocious age of 30. She looks back at this as the first period of life-changing advice she ever received. “When someone offers you help in mapping out a financial roadmap for your future, take them up on it. Even if you do not understand why it will be so important later.” By the time she was eight years into a 39-year-sales career for Xerox she already owned 10 condos in Downtown Philadelphia.

After another life changing event occurred when she was in Denver visiting friends, she met and eventually married her husband Rus. He wasn’t moving to Philadelphia, so she moved to Denver.  It should come as no surprise that after she moved to Denver 16 years ago, she recognized the real estate opportunities that Denver offered. She started moving her Philadelphia condos to Denver through 1031 Exchanges. When she retired from Xerox, she earned her real estate license and began to apply her insight, passion, and expertise to the Denver market. “I started helping clients of all ages and backgrounds experience a healthy lifestyle change through the power of downsizing and making a positive change.”

People looking to sell that big house and donate those closets full of stuff they worked so hard to get, need to ask some fundamental questions: “When you wake up every day, what is important to you? What do you like to do? What do you want to do when you walk out your door? Do you want to live in a neighborhood and have a lifestyle that fuels your passions and interests? There is no one right answer – it is the right answer for you.

As for why Kentwood Real Estate, “I ultimately joined Kentwood because I had a few years making deals for other brokerages where I saw first-hand how Kentwood represents their clients. They are seasoned professionals who operate with a level of integrity rare for any industry.”

An Atlantic City native, this Jersey girl went to Middlebury College in VT, which if you’ve been there means you know she was more than prepared for the Colorado winters. After relocating, she dove into the mile-high community in a way few do. Whether as a patron, donor or volunteer, she committed herself to a wide range of causes including Project Angel Heart, La Cache - The Children’s Hospital Consignment Store, SAME Café, Newman Center for the Performing Arts, The Colorado Symphony and Denver Center Theater.

When life only has time for a quick escape you can bet you’ll find Dale on a walk with friends around Wash or City Park, enjoying her condo and community at One Lincoln Park or just spending time exploring Downtown Denver, LoDo and RiNo with her husband, who she says “has made the greatest difference in my life.”

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